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The Acropolis Park

Acropolis Park is a family-friendly recreation park, clean serene and strategically located in the heart of Abuja- Apo Resettlement Zone A. Acropolis Park is a nice place for all kinds of outdoor and indoor events e.g. wedding receptions and church joining, hangout spot, aerobics, photo and video shoot, movie location, training, seminars etc. If you are in Abuja and looking for a quiet place to think, read and have a proper view of what Apo resettlement looks like. Acropolis Park is the place you should be.

Acropolis Park is located in the Apo Resettlement Zone A. area of Abuja, few minutes' drive from the Federal Legislative Quarters along with several notable shopping malls such as Apo Shoprite, Apo Sunrise Plaza etc. Acropolis Park sits within a relatively populated residential zone, with varying categories of residential class which can be easily accessed. The location of Acropolis park is available on Google Map, with the name "Acropolis Park. Abuja", making it easily located and accessible by anyone around the world.

Founding Philosophy

The word "Acropolis" comes from the Greek words akpov (akron. "highest point, extremity") and zous (polis, "city"). Acropolis literally means "Highest city" in Greek. Our Acropolis is also being built on a high rocky terrain, overlooking the city of Abuja, unerringly a similitude of the landscape of the Greek Acropolis and literally pictorializing the meaning of Acropolis. Of notable importance is our neo-classical architecture of the Greek Acropolis in Athens.

Neo-classical Architecture, since the seventh century, has always been affiliated with authority and power. It is evidently used extensively today in the Architecture of Washington DC and several western and European government buildings and capitals. It is our aim that the similar affiliation, accorded these government buildings, would be accorded our re-enactment of the Acropolis in Abuja, inadvertently generating patronage, ranging from the high class to the less privileged class of the society, thereby covering a broad range of patronage.

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