Are your services expensive?

Not at all, we offer very affordable services for all social classes. So if you are on a budget we have you covered.

Do you offer catering services?

We do not offer catering, transport, housing or MC services but if you need them we can link you up with relaiable sources.

What is the maximum number of guests i can invite?

We have various venue spots for different guest numbers Check them out.

How do i arrange a physical meet up?

We are ready to meet you at anytime, you can contact us via our whatsapp number at the bottom of this page and arrange a physical meetup.

Do you offer special bonuses and discounts?

During special seasons, we offer special bonuses also special discounts are available for early bookers. So if you want those discounts, book with us now

Do you accept installmental payments?

Although we advice that you pay once, we also have very flexible payment plans for our customers who want to pay installmentally given that all payments would be made before the event's day.

Do you have any refund policies?

We normally do not offer refunds but if the situation requires, we offer refunds or compensation in favors.

What days don't you hold events?

We would hold your event on any day you so desire.Contact us for booking

Is there enough parking space for a large number of guests?

Yes. As much as we provide enough space for your event, we also have a large parking area for you and your guests .