Personal Events

Bring your personal events/occassions to us. We would help you plan and design it to your specified taste. Whether it be exhibitions, family gatherings or get togethers.

Corporate Events

Do you have office hangouts? business dinners? or an office gala? Do you need a very secured and serene space ? Here at Acropolis, we make your events feel lively with our serene enviroment.

Kids Events

That very beautiful birthday party you want for your child or that school graduation event, kids events for the seasons also. Ensure to have them in a very secured enviroment for the children.

Celebratory Events

We love you and want to celebrate with you. We offer you the best for your celebrations. Birthdays, wedding, graduation, rememberance, get together, acheivements. We want to plan these happy days for you.

Castings and Shows

Do you need a space for your concerts, auditions, shows, runway, exhibition, acting, outdoor events? We got you covered. Keeping your event private and organised the way you want it.