Our future goal includes:

(a) providing opportunities for relaxation
(b) learning and socialization to promote personal growth and well-being
(c) enhancing the city’s arts, culture and historic assets
(d) becoming the best and well recognized park in Nigeria and in park and recreation management
(e) making the city a major visitor’s destination
(f) promoting positive customer service
(g) bringing children and families into our parks and give them great reasons to stay and play for a lifetime

The Greek Acropolis in Athens has been in existence since the Seventh Century BC. At that time, it was the palace of Cecrops, the first king of Athens. Since the creation of the Acropolis, it has been used for different purposes, but notably it housed most of the world’s iconic structures such as The Parthenon, The Propylaea, The Temple of Athena Nike, The Erechtheion, and the statue of Athena Promachos. It was also the place spoken about in the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 17; where Paul delivered his Areopagus Sermon. As time goes by, with different building and temples; Acropolis was repurposed. For example, in the 6th century A.D, after Rome converted to Christianity, many of the temples in Acropolis became Christian churches. In fact, the Parthenon was dedicated to Virgin Mary, while Erechtheion became a Chapel. After so many invasion and repurposing, the Greek took back control of the Acropolis and rehabilitated the structures to make it currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and it is still of immense historical significance till date.

Who we are

The Acropolis Park

Our Acropolis Park located in Apo District of Abuja shares similar geographic landscape with Athenian Acropolis; and is being built as a similitude; most importantly, the neoclassical architecture of the Greek Acropolis in Athens. With replica of the Parthenon and other structural edifices, the Acropolis Park in Abuja is set out to be one of the recreational centres with roots in ancient aesthetics and cultural heritage of its Origin. In the development of Abuja Green Areas, the city Master Plan has in its design recreational facilities such as: a community that supports active living and increases the walkability of neighborhoods. Among the most obvious advantages of a recreational centre, like Acropolis in Abuja is the health benefits derived from physical activities and the psychological advantages of relaxation. The Logo of the Acropolis Park, Abuja shows a building sitting on a curved surface (the curved surface signifies a Hill). This translates into the meaning of Acropolis which means "a city/settlement on a hill" in Greek language.The Hall in the Logo has 9 Pillars, which signifies the 9 Pillars of the Acropolis. Part of the provisions of the Plan in Acropolis Park, in line with Abuja Master Plan of Green Areas includes: provision for:
(a) Open spaces, (b)Recreational facilities (c)Gardens (d) Children playgrounds, (e)Outdoor games, (f)Sport Centers, (g)National and District/Neighborhood Parks; among others.

Apart from its diversified array of cultural, tourism and recreational services, our talented team of Staff and out-of-the-box thinkers will help you achieve objectives of your events in Acropolis Park. Market link’s Acropolis could be used even as an educational site for seminars and conferences; and as such serves as a venue to enlighten the society about the realities and the benefits of a serene floral space. The amenities at the site are well planned, sized to be flexible and with a floral view, day and night brightness to complement its other business model aimed at propagating awareness on the benefits of the environment. The Project, while meeting the crucial need of a “Green Areas” Abuja Master Plan, within a densely built-up environment, has the potential to sustain the economy of the city through.
i. providing jobs to residents during and after construction,
ii. Utilizing local produce for events e.g. Weddings and conferences,
iii. Attracting visitors and tourist to the Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria, and
iv. Serving as a place for relaxation and wellbeing.
Thus, Acropolis Park is unique in its landscape, the rocky topology bring out a magnificent edifice which makes it different from other event parks. in Abuja, even in West Africa. Therefore, Acropolis Park is perfect for wedding, birthday, picnics, parties’ dedications, and hangout. The hill top hall in Acropolis Park is an expression of good views and it’s the first of its kind in Abuja and Nigeria.